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Health care professionals

Health careers continue to be the most popular career path in the country. One of the reasons for the continued growth is that the health care field encompasses so many different types of jobs. Employment opportunities exist for individuals who desire to promote health, provide direct patient care, and develop new and innovative therapies.

The field of nursing continues to be the most “in demand” career across the nation. Individuals who opt to pursue health careers in the field of nursing can be assured that ample job opportunities are available. Nurses can enter the workforce with an associate’s degree or even a certificate. Further education can provide the nurse with the opportunity to access a number of new career paths. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of advanced degrees for those in the nursing profession. Nurse practitioners, surgical nurses, and nurse anesthetists often hold advanced degrees and are held in high regard by those in the medical profession.

There also exists a need for more physicians. With so many physicians specializing in a particular field of medicine, there is currently a great demand for general practitioners or specialists in the area of family medicine. Because of the advances in medicine, people are living longer. Advanced age typically requires more attention to health. In general, Americans are tending to be more health conscious than ever before. These are just two of the reasons for the growing need for qualified doctors.

Health careers also exist for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Pharmacists are charged with dispensing prescribed medication. This is tedious and exacting work. To assist the busy pharmacist, most companies employ several pharmacy technicians.

Not only are health careers booming in the private sector, public health is also experiencing an urgent need for health care workers. Those working in public health may provide direct patient care or they may work as patient advocates. Public health care workers often conduct research and write policies.

Unheard of just a few years ago, today’s paramedic is a critical member of the health care team. These workers are often the first contact for critically ill or injured patients. Countless lives have been saved by these members of the healthcare profession. They work in a fast-paced environment, performing their services in a variety of locations. They often respond to motor vehicle or industrial accidents. Paramedics respond to critical illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes. Working under demanding conditions and often in stressful situations, those who have chosen a health career as a paramedic are responsible for saving thousands of lives.

Another interesting and important health career is held by that individual who works as a respiratory therapist. This individual may find employment in hospital intensive care units, neonatal units, pulmonary and cardiac units, and in emergency rooms. The respiratory therapist may work with asthma patients to improve breathing functions. For some specialty areas, respiratory therapists are required to become registered by the state in which they are employed.

There are a number of other health careers that currently have a need to recruit additional qualified employees. Laboratory assistants, dental assistants, dietitians, and x-ray technicians all play an important role in the busy medical office or hospital. Across the country, the demand is high for these workers.

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