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Increasing Demand for Nurse Practitioner Jobs

The professional nurse has long been considered one of the most respected members of the health care team. To garner even greater respect, many of these nurses are now opting to pursue advanced education and clinical experience in a specialized area to become nurse practitioners. Doctors have realized the important role the nurse practitioner plays in the healthcare profession.

There is an increasing demand across the country for qualified nurse practitioners. If you have the skills to land that perfect job, why not work in the perfect place? With the right experience and qualifications, nurse practitioners can expect to find ample job opportunities in Los Angeles. You can browse through hundreds of job listings in the Los Angeles area by visiting

The nurse practitioner functions independently within the scope of the professional practice, usually working under the direction of a physician. Many nurse practitioners work for one or more physicians in an office or clinic, but there is an increasing demand for the services of the nurse practitioner in managed care settings. The individual holding a nurse practitioner job is charged with direct patient care, focusing not only on the patient’s medical condition but also on the effect the illness may have on a patient and the family.

Nurse practitioner jobs exist not only in the primary health care setting but also in specialty areas including women’s health, pediatrics, and acute care. These valuable members of the health care team tend to focus on prevention and wellness. A great deal of their time is dedicated to patient education. They may conduct research or act as patient advocates.

Nurse practitioners may serve as the primary health care provider, record medical histories, order tests, and prescribe therapy as needed. In some states, nurse practitioners are authorized to write prescriptions. The scope of the treatment may be dictated by the physician, but many states regulate the scope of practice for those employed as a nurse practitioner.

Professional nurses across the country receive a substantial compensation. Nurse practitioners can earn considerably more than registered nurses. California is reported to pay the highest salaries to those holding nurse practitioner jobs. The outlook for nurse practitioners is expected to grow at a stronger rate than for most other healthcare professionals.

Unlike some other professions, nurses tend to remain in their careers for years. With nurse practitioner jobs opening up for qualified nurses, these professionals can experience both professional and financial growth as never before. For many nurses, the move to nurse practitioner is a natural progression. Some nurses prefer to transition into  nurse practitioner jobs after years in the nursing profession. Other nurses may choose to advance their education soon after entering the nursing field. In either case, there is a place for the nurse practitioner.

The job of nurse practitioner is a demanding one. Reaching this level of education and experience requires dedication and diligence. However, once the nurse achieves the distinction of nurse practitioner, he or she will have little trouble finding rewarding employment in doctors’ offices, clinics, managed care settings, and hospitals across the country. That is also true in the Los Angeles area.