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Great Stability and Income from Dental Assistant Jobs

For residents of Los Angeles, California feeling dismal about the hard economic times we face, it is time to start looking up. Although the unemployment rate in the state of California surpasses that of the median for the United States, there is hope. The medical field is still blossoming with job opportunities. This article will highlight the benefits of dental assistant jobs in the Los Angeles area.

While other careers are dwindling away in this economy, the outlook for dental assistant jobs are outstanding. This job is projected to grow 36% by 2016 which is among the highest growth rate in the medical industry. Not only is it one of the highest growths in the medical industry, but also across all unrelated careers as well. With a job as a dental assistant, you can feel confident about the future and secure in your job.

Not only does this field offer significant growth, it also boasts a very competitive salary. At a median salary of nearly $52,000 in the Los Angeles area, individuals who have dental assistant jobs can earn a pretty penny. At this salary, residents of Los Angeles rank comparably to most other major United States cities with even a slight advantage over many.

While stability and income are both major components to consider when selecting a career, it is also important to think of the daily responsibilities and job duties. As a dental assistant, you can expect to be greeting patients upon arrival and helping with administrative paperwork and health insurance forms. Dental assistants also work on preparing the patient for the dentist. This can include developing x-ray film per the dentist’s request. A dental assistant is also expected to keep the patient’s mouth dry and to apply anesthetic to gums while the patient is being examined by the dentist. All of these duties combine to make a dental assistant’s job exciting and different every day.

While it is possible to become a dental assistant with little or no formal post-high school education, it has become increasingly advantageous for many people to attend a technical school or community college to obtain a certificate. Once employed as a dental assistant, the learning experience never ends as dental assistants are being asked to know more and more as they progress in their career. After gaining some experience in the field, it is also easy to advance your career by taking more classes and increasing your knowledge.

With dentists looking to employ one or more dental assistants per office, this job is definitely on a fast track for growth. Regardless if you have the formal education or not, it is important to have a welcoming personality as you will provide the patient with his or her first impression of the office.

With the high job demand for dental assistants, dentists are looking more and more for qualified candidates to lend a helping hand in their offices. The job is stable, the outlook for growth is favorable, and it is a rewarding profession. If you are someone who is interested in dental assistant jobs in the Los Angeles area, then you need look no further than Here you can browse through hundreds of local job listings and find a wealth of information to help as you pursue your dental assistant job in Los Angeles.