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Well Paying Nursing Careers

While the job market seems dismal to many job seekers in the Los Angeles area, there is one field that appears to have been untouched by the economic downturn that most of our country has been experiencing. Now more than ever is a great time to become a nurse. The job outlook for nurses is expected to reach 22% growth in 2016. That type of growth leads all occupations across the United States.

There are many different levels of nursing. At the most basic level, there is the registered nurse. Registered nurses must complete a two year program offered at many colleges and universities. Since nursing careers are very competitive, it is important for those interested in the field to maintain excellent grades to earn admission. The next level of  nursing is at the baccalaureate level and that is the BSN. While BSNs and RNs earn about the same salaries in the Los Angeles area, it should be noted that BSNs are more likely to become charge nurses and receive greater compensation due to their higher education level. In Los Angeles, the median salary for both RNs and BSNs rests around $71,000. Compared to other careers in the medical field, that is an excellent salary.

Nurses who desire to further their careers can do so by achieving an advanced degree. This would include the MSN which is the master’s in nursing and the PhD. There are also many different tracks one can take within the nursing careers program, but they all begin with either the RN or the BSN.

While a career as a nurse is stable and the pay is lucrative, it is also a rewarding job. Nurses really get the chance to give back every day at work. Depending on what the nurse chooses as a specialty area, he or she can work with all types of patients and help aid in their recovery.

Nurses have a wide variety of skills and continue the learning process throughout their nursing careers. A typical day can consist of anything from handing out medication to checking vital signs and giving catheters. Every day is completely different for a nurse. No two patients are alike and this sometimes adds an element of surprise.

An added bonus to being a nurse is the flexible schedules. In general, most nurses work a 36 hour work week. This is usually completed in three 12 hour shifts. For many, this is a major benefit because it allows for more time at home with family and friends as well and affords the opportunity for traveling or leisure.

A career as a nurse is not only a well paying job, but it is also a stable one even in the roughest of economies. For some, the benefits of caring for another through their difficult and trying times in life are payment enough.

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