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Rewarding Experience from Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Pharmacy technician jobs are held by individuals who work under the direction of a licensed or registered pharmacist. The pharmacy technician performs a number of duties including preparing prescribed medications for patients. This individual usually has a significant amount of contact with the patient and often provides instructions or answers questions regarding the patient’s medication. Those holding pharmacy technician jobs are often in contact with doctors, insurance companies, and third-parties as necessary.

These important members of the healthcare team may be employed at a number of locations. The traditional corner drug store is a rarity these days. Instead, chain drug stores, grocery stores, and department stores often have on-site pharmacists working during regular store hours. It is not uncommon for a store to employ three or more pharmacy technicians for every one pharmacist. Hospitals, clinics, and managed care facilities also hire a significant number of pharmacy technicians.

College degrees are seldom required for those seeking to become pharmacy technicians. However, most employers prefer to hire technicians who possess either some training or experience. A limited number of programs do offer an associate’s degree program for the prospective pharmacy technician. However, most pharmacy technician jobs can be secured by individuals who have earned a certificate or diploma in the field. A number of community colleges and trade schools offer a certificated program for those interested in pursuing pharmacy technician jobs. A substantial number of students opt to earn their certificates through online programs. Both online and traditional programs can usually be completed in just three to twelve months.

Across the country, the demand for pharmacy technicians is expected to grow at a rate of about 25% per year for the next several years. That projected rate of growth is much higher than for the average of all occupations. As scientific advances lead to new drugs and as more people obtain prescription drug coverage, pharmacy workers will be needed in growing numbers. Furthermore, as the population of the United States ages, reliance upon medication increases. This, along with changes in healthcare, is expected to necessitate an increase in the number of pharmacy technicians needed nationwide.

To meet the lower payments by insurance companies, many of the duties once performed by licensed pharmacists have been relegated to those individuals holding pharmacy technician jobs. Often the clerical jobs in the pharmacy are performed by the pharmacy technician. This individual often can expect a varied job description.

The state of California is experiencing a need for pharmacy technicians. California seems to epitomize good health and promotes a healthy lifestyle. This may be a part of the reason for the rapid growth in demand for qualified pharmacy technicians in the state. Job opportunities for pharmacy technicians are ample across California. This statement is especially true in the Los Angeles area.

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