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Wide Variety of Medical Assistant Jobs

With the unemployment rate in California at a staggering 12.2%, it is increasingly important for residents of Los Angeles to seek jobs with growth. One career that has not been phased by the increase in unemployment is that of a medical assistant. Medical assistant jobs are projected to increase by 35% all the way into 2016.

While many jobs in the medical field require direct contact with patients during their visit, medical assistant jobs relate more to the administrative side of business. In essence, the medical assistant is the glue of the office for many medical offices. Traditionally, this type of job calls for assisting with the clerical duties required to keep an office organized and efficient. This employee will typically complete paperwork and handle matters relating to insurance billing.

To become employed in a medical assistant job, it is imperative for aspiring students to succeed in obtaining certification. The certification can be completed at technical schools, online, and at community colleges. As a rule of thumb, the schooling to become a medical assistant can be completed in just about one year.

When a patient enters a doctor’s office, they will typically be greeted by a medical assistant. Once greeted, the assistant will gather current medical insurance information and help the patient complete the necessary forms. That being said, it is extremely important that these workers possess a warm and welcoming countenance. It is important to relay the perception of being both friendly and competent. First impressions are not everything, but they sure do count for a lot – especially in the medical arena.

As far as career growth, medical assistant jobs are ranked among the top 10 for highest demand in the medical field. Not only is this reassuring in these tough economic times, but it is also reassuring when considering a lifetime career. A job as a medical assistant is a stable one with a promising outlook.

In addition to job stability, medical assistant jobs also allow for a nice salary. The median salary in Los Angeles for a medical assistant is $48,000. This salary compares very well when held against other major cities in the United States. It should also be noted that it surpasses many of the median salaries in other major U.S. cities. Salaries may vary by employer and may be based upon experience and education.

After becoming a medical assistant, branching out in the medical field is easily done with just a few more classes or additional work experiences. For many interested in long-term employment in the medical field, this is the ideal start to a rewarding career with a promising future.

Even for someone who already possesses all the necessary requirements, searching for a job can be intimidating as well as overwhelming. That’s why we have put together a website to help make the process of job hunting a little more manageable. By surfing to, qualified candidates can find everything they need to find a job as a medical assistant in the Los Angeles area.

Whether you are ready to embark on a new career path in life or just ready to be employed in a field you already specialize in, medical assistant jobs are a promising career choice. Not only does this job provide stability, but it also provides growth and a respectable salary. If you are living in the Los Angeles area and are ready to make a change, set your sights on a medical assistant job. Information can be found at